Plastic 125mm / 5" Diamond Blades

125mm / 5" Diamond cutting discs and blades for Plastic

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Duro Diamond Blades

Duro DCM 125mm Diamond Blade

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A dry cutting blade with a 30 degree gullet design. Good speed of life and cut.


Hard Bricks - All Reinforced Concrete Types - Concrete Kerbs / Lintels / Beams & Flags - House Bricks - Abrasive Materials - Occasional use in Asphalt

  • Core: 22.2
  • Segment Height: 15mm
  • Dry/ Wet: Both
  • Segment Type: 30 degree gullet - turbo segmented
  • Ventilation: Yes
  • Core Protection: No


Marcrist Diamond Blades

Marcrist MC850 Silent Max 125mm Diamond Blade

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The Revolutionary Multi-Cutter Diamond Blade

  • Up to 200 times longer life than a conventional abrasive
  • Diamond segments ensure consistent cutting depth
  • One blades cuts its all. No need for a second blade!
  • Much safer than conventional abrasives

The Facts

  • Up to 16X quieter than a Standard Diamond Blade
  • The MC850 SilentMAX is noise reduced!
  • The MC850 SilentMAX is vibration-reduced!
  • The MC850 SilentMAX is safe and totally clean!
  • The MC850 SilentMAX does not produce toxic phenol vapors!

MC850 SilentMAX: The best, quickest, longest life Multi-Cutter Diamond Blade you have ever used... or your money back!

  • Extreme heat resistant Diamond
  • High-strength, ultra-safe steel body  
  • Dynamically balanced core

Market-leading flange design, for increased stability, noise and vibration reduction

The MC850 SilentMAX saves you time and money!

  • Cut and deburr every material with one blade!
  • No need to buy multiple blades, or worry about the common risks associated with conventional abrasives.

The MC850 SilentMAX maintains a constant cutting depth from the first to the last cut.
Conventional abrasives lose cutting depth and stability with every cut.

Spectrum Diamond Blades

Spectrum EM 125mm Diamond Blade

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Tiling is a big thing in today’s world, and the last few years have seen a massive increase in the use of natural stone and man-made ceramics in commercial and domestic situations. For cutting ceramics, a smooth continuous rim

Electroplated diamond blade for fine cutting of marble, glass fibre & GRP.

Applications include: marble, fibreglass, plastic, GRP.