Can diamond blades be sharpened? />

Can diamond blades be sharpened?

If you’re using a diamond blade correctly, it should sharpen itself as the material you’re cutting will wear the diamond blade away at the perfect pace. However, mistakes are made and you’ll sometimes be using the wrong blade for the material you’re cutting, which means that either the metal in the blade isn’t wearing, or the diamonds aren’t. If the metal isn’t wearing but the diamonds are, then your blade can still be salvaged.

To sharpen your blade, if it’s in this state, all you need is a few minutes, a soft material and a bit of water. You should cut the material while maintaining a steady flow of water to the cut. After a few minutes of cutting, the sharpness of the blade should improve and you’ll start to see the diamonds. Have a quick inspection of your blade to make sure it’s looking sharp and full of diamonds and you’ll be good to go.

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