Is there a Diamond Blade that cuts wood?

Is there a Diamond Blade that cuts wood? />

Is there a Diamond Blade that cuts wood?

If you’re wanting a clean cut in wood, then we highly recommend using a Jigsaw or a Reciprocating Saw. There’s no Diamond blade that has a clean cut in wood, as wood is just too soft for the material of diamond blades. Having said that, there is one option that allows you to cut wood, but very roughly, and only certain types of wood.

The Marcrist VC750 rip cut diamond blade is available on our website in 230mm, 300mm and 350mm diameter. With this blade, you’ll be able to get a rough cut in certain woods including: decking, scaffold, boards, railway sleepers, timber fence posts, fence panels, chipboard, plywood pallets, rubber, soft brick, asphalt, plastics, flat roofing and flashing.

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