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Spectrum Diamond Blades

Spectrum Diamond Blades />
Spectrum are a leading powerhouse in the DIY industry, especially Diamond Blades. Find out about them here! read more

Marcrist Diamond Blades

Marcrist Diamond Blades />
Learn all about one of the best Diamond blade manufacturers - Marcrist. They have a huge range of blades that come in three different standards. read more

Duro Diamond Blades

Duro Diamond Blades />
Duro are high a quality range of cutting discs that supply for both professional and DIY. There entry level range is base that are wonderful cutting blades for every tasks. read more

Can diamond blades be sharpened?

Can diamond blades be sharpened? />
It's no myth that anything you cut with becomes dull, and unfortunately it's the same with diamond blades. Luckily, depending on how it's worn down you can actually sharpen your blade and restore it to a usable state. read more

Are circular saws safe?

Are circular saws safe? />
Any tool is safe if you know how to use it properly while using the correct protective equipment; however, some tools are safer than others. Some can cause less serious injuries and less frequently but this doesn’t mean the tool is safe. If you put any power tool in an idiots’ hands, you’re going to have a problem. read more

Is there a Diamond Blade that cuts wood?

Is there a Diamond Blade that cuts wood? />
You may be told that there isn't a diamond blade for cutting wood, however there is one option for cutting wood with a diamond blade...a ripper blade read more

What RPM should I use?

What RPM should I use? />
RPM is how many times your blade completes a full rotation every minute. Essentially, the faster it spins, the more RPM you have. Certain blades have recommended RPM, and a maximum and it is important to follow the recommended RPM read on the packaging. read more

Does the thickness of your Diamond Blade matter?

Does the thickness of your Diamond Blade matter? />
If you use diamond blades on a regular basis, then you’re probably familiar with the term thickness. If you’re not, the thickness has a large influence on the speed and quality of your cut. There are advantages of both thin and thick diamond blades, and if you’re going to use them on a regular basis then you might need to know the benefits and consequences of a thin/thick blade. read more

5 tips for using a circular saw

5 tips for using a circular saw />
Here's 5 tips that will help you improve your skills when using a circular saw read more

Who invented the diamond blade?

Who invented the diamond blade? />
Every day you reach for your diamond blade to cut a variety of materials effectively with minimal effort. But do you ever stop to wonder who invented the diamond blade and why? read more

Best Sellers

Duro DCM 300mm


Blade diameter: 300mmSelf CoolingTurbo Design300DCMApplication: Reinforced concrete, concrete kerbs, lintels, beams & flags, house bricks, abrasive materials and asphaltSegment Height: 15mmBore: 20...
Duro Base DSBM 300mm
Blade diameter: 300mm300DSBMApplication: Hard bricks, lightly reinforced concrete, concrete kerbs, lintels, beams & flags, facing bricks and general purposeSegment Height: 8mm...
Duro DUSCM 300mm
Blade diameter: 300mmLaser Welded300DUSCMApplication: Indian stone, granite, clay, Class A engineering bricks, reinforced concrete, bricks, kerbs, beams, lintels and flagsSegment Height: 17mmBore: 20....
Duro DA/C 350mm


Blade diameter: 350mmLaser Welded350DA/CApplication: Class B engineering bricks, clay, reinforced concrete, house bricks, abrasive materials, asphalt, hard bricks, concrete kerbs, lintels, beams & fla...