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Choosing the correct Diamond Cutting Blades for your job is not always as easy as it should be. With around 700 Diamond Cutting Blades to choose from you can be sure of getting a diamond blade to fit your requirements here at

We only supply diamond discs from companies who comply with all the major international safety standards. You can be safe in the knowledge that if you are using either a Marcrist Diamond Blade, a Spectrum Diamond Blade or a Duro Diamond Blade you will be using a diamond cutting blade that has been researched, tested and manufactured to the highest standards.

To help you choose the correct diamond cutting disc you can search in several different ways:

Diamond Bade by Size – This will enable you to choose the size of diamond cutting blade you require then identify the material you wish to cut. We will then offer you a selection of diamond cutting blades that Marcrist, Duro and Spectrum recommend for that application. As a general rule of thumb the following sizes apply:


Mini Grinders use 100mm and 125mm diamond cutting blades

Angle Grinders use 200mm and 230mm diamond cutting blades

Stone Saws (hand held e.g. Stihl TS410) use 300mm and 350mm diamond cutting blades

Floor Saws use 350mm, 400mm and 450mm diamond cutting blades

Masonry Saw Benches use 300mm to 600mm diamond saw blades

We also offer a wide range of diamond cutting blades in sizes to fit most specialist tile cutting machines.


General Purpose Diamond Discs - General purpose diamond discs are by volume the largest selling category of diamond cutting discs. These diamond discs are used for cutting general building products such as concrete, brick, paving stones and roof tiles etc. For each of the popular sizes we have split this category into four: - Budget, Trade, Professional and Craftsman. In each category you will find the diamond disc recommendations from Marcrist, Duro and Spectrum. In this category, more than any other, you get what you pay for. The more expensive the blade the quicker it will cut and the more cuts it will perform.

 Diamond Blades by Material - This section lists the diamond cutting blades that are best suited for cutting a particular material. For each of the different materials our suppliers have put forward their most cost effective blades, so wherever possible you will be offered Marcrist, Duro and Spectrum options for each enquiry.

 Diamond Discs by Application Guide - By clicking on the menu or on the company logos you will find an application guide for each of the brands of diamond cutting discs that we currently supply. These application guides provide you with the full range of diamond cutting discs that you can order from us, and their applications.

Delivery Charges - Our delivery charges are for Mainland England and Wales, for information regarding other areas please contact us.

 If you need any extra help please feel free to contact us and tell us what you require. We will be more than happy to discus your diamond blades requirements and resolve any queries you may have.


Duro diamond cutting disc and cutting blades Application Chart

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Spectrum diamond cutting disc and cutting blades Application Chart

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Marcrist diamond cutting disc and cutting blades Application Chart

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